Once again, Wolfgang Van Halen has chosen to confront his online detractors head-on rather than let personal attacks go unanswered. Loudwire reported a tongue-in-cheek Wolf tweeted to fans: “I wanted to offer my sincere apologies to anyone I may have upset or hurt by being born. I have never meant my existence to be a burden to others, but alas, here we are. I’ll try not to exist so much in the future. Thank you for your patience.”

He then shared a screen shot of a poster named Jeffery William Jones, who took time out to slam Wolf for participating in the upcoming Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts in London and L.A.

Jones wrote: “Wolf Van Halen just rides in on his daddy’s talent and gets invited to remembering a drumming legend? Had you been born to any other parents, you’d be nothing in the music world.”

Not one to shy away from harsh words on social media, Wolfgang countered with: “Yes my dad who hasn’t been alive for two years had Dave Grohl called (sic) me to participate. Spot on, Jeffy.”

Wolf went on to tweet: “The funny thing about people like you who hate me is that you leave me no room for improvement. That my fault is something completely uncontrollable. While I guess me playing music apparently completely hinges on who my family is (which is a completely unanswerable question), I can definitely surmise that had you were born to different parents, you’d most likely still be a miserable ass****.”

Mammoth WVH kicks off its 25-date European tour on November 1st in Hamburg, Germany at Sporthalle Hamburg.


  • June 11th marked the one-year anniversary of Wolfgang Van Halen‘s debut album and band, Mammoth WVH.
  • The set entered the Billboard 200 albums chart at Number 12.
  • Mammoth WVH also topped the charts on Billboard’s Top Rock AlbumsHard Rock Albums, and Independent Albums lists.

CHECK IT OUT:Mammoth WVH on July 28th, 2021 performing “Mammoth” live in West Dundee, Illinois: