Nice guys like Pete are cleaning up.
Bobby Bank/Getty

Women seem to be looking for nice guys to date now. A recent poll from found 85 percent of single women said they are now seeking a steady partner post-pandemic. Before the pandemic, 60 percent of women on the platform said they were “open to short-term flings,” but since then, 30 percent have “changed their relationship goals because of last year’s dating experiences.” The company said in a statement, “[S]ingle women shared that they are now more attracted to dates who are consistent and dependable. Women expressed that a relationship with someone who guarantees stability is key amid Covid and ongoing uncertainty.” A study that came out in May 2021 echoed this, noting, “a partner’s stability and family commitment” had become more important to singles of both sexes amid growing pandemic concerns. Life coach Markie Damiana says the pandemic has generated renewed focus on “the preciousness of time in relationships, and how limited we are when it comes to actually finding your ‘one’.” She says women want to spend time with someone who is “really valuable,” as opposed to someone they might “play around with.” Her advice for nice guys: “Lean into your nice guy-ness. Lean into being yourself.”