Science has found that women are better at bookings holidays than men
Credit: Alamy

When it comes to planning a vacation, it’s best to leave it up to the women, according to a few studies. A recent study by Skyscanner found that 75 percent of women do the research when planning a vacation, with 95 percent of those studied being happy with how the vacation then turns out, both men and women. Other scientific studies have found women are more likely to spend time looking for a good vacation, taking into account different factors, such as hotel reviews and local travel advice. Sally Evans, Director of psychology consultancy company, Perform & Grow, says she looked at 32 studies, and 12 found women were more analytic when it came to making decisions, while men were “more inclined to go with a hunch”—which can be bad when it comes to booking a vacation. A 2017 study also found women do more of the packing and preparing for vacations as well, including renewing expired passports, arranging pet care, and getting someone to put the garbage bins out.