Whitesnake bassist, Tanya O’Callaghan says “there is talk” of the group continuing to write and record new music. This news comes during Whitesnake’s farewell tour.

O’Callaghan hopes to record with them and said, “There’s talk of it already. It’s one of the questions. We’ll probably keep recording. It’s just touring that David Coverdale is done with.” She followed by saying that she’d be honored to be involved.

In a previous interview David Coverdale stated that even though he didn’t want to be on the road anymore, he was not giving up music.

In an earlier interview O’Callaghan explained how she ended up in the band, “We played the same festivals. And David called me directly… It was a direct call, and yeah, just a straight ask. But it is a process of putting the years in and being out there in the scene. There is no magic formula.”

Whitesnake has been touring in support of the band’s latest album, Flesh & Blood, which was released in May of 2019.


  • In November, Tanya joined in November as the replacement for longtime bassist Michael Devin.
  • David Coverdale is 70.