It’s possible you got some holiday gifts that you just don’t want. So what should you do with them? Carey Riley is a lifestyle and retail expert and says you should first know that if you’re struggling to use a tech gift you got, like a laptop or a tablet, there are services that can help you. Riley says, “You can call 855-355-TECH,” and they will help you set up any new tech items you have, including cell phones. But if you have items you really don’t want—you can always re-gift them. Riley explains, “Re-gifting used to have a bad stigma, and it doesn’t anymore—or secondhand gifting. It’s actually very much appreciated.” There are several ways to do this, including using the online platform, which allows you to sell unwanted gifts. Finally, you can return an item for store credit. Riley notes many stores offer “a lot of leniency” right after Christmas.