Ohio-based company Bio-Detection K9 provides Covid-sniffing dogs to artists on tour. This German Shepherd worked Eric Church’s Gather Again Tour.

The latest concert must-have: Covid-sniffing canines. Bands like METALLICA, TOOL, and THE BLACK KEYS have used dogs to find traces of the virus in members of their crew, entourage, and anyone else who goes backstage.
Metallica’s management company said, quote, “So far, knock on wood, the dogs have been knocking it out of the park . . . We haven’t had a dog miss anybody.”
There are currently 12 dogs trained and working through Bio-Detection K9, with more being trained. They sniff people’s hands and feet, and now with the new variant, they’ll be sniffing masks.
The company says not only are they faster and cheaper than a regular test, but they’re friendlier. A dog test costs around $2 a person.
The only downside for the bands, is they can’t get too close to the dogs, because it’ll throw the dogs off their game.