It’s the time of year for the silliest of all presidential traditions, the chief executive’s turkey pardon ahead of Thanksgiving. President Biden will be doing the honors today (November 19th) in the White House Rose Garden for turkeys Peanut Butter and Jelly. Although Biden will just pardon one, dubbing it the official Thanskgiving turkey, both will spared for ending up on a Thanksgiving dinner table. The turkeys, both of which are male, were raised in Indiana, and they’ll return to their home state after the pardon to live out the rest of their lives at Purdue University. (Politico)


  • What do you think of White Houses of both parties continuing the presidential turkey pardon tradition, even though  everyone agrees it’s really very silly?
  • Even though it’s silly, do you like traditions that humanize the president and first family, like this one, or like when the first lady shows all the White House Christmas decorations? 
  • What’s your least favorite Thanksgiving tradition in your family? What’s your favorite?
  • Have you ever broke tradition to serve something other than turkey as the main dish on Thanksgiving, and if so, what was it? How did it go over?