Girl frustrated doing yoga.

A new TikTok trend sees people posting about “stupid” things they do to care for their “stupid mental health” alongside peppy music. The hashtag #stupidwalkchallenge has over 38.2 million views on the platform, and people have shared other activities they do for their “stupid mental health” as well. One such video shows @isabellamolivas doing “stupid yoga” for her “stupid mental health.” Jill Daino is a licensed therapist and says she understands the frustration: “We’re two years into this pandemic, two years of getting these recommendations about taking care of our mental health… and what I took from those TikToks was the absolute depletion and exhaustion…. That people are experiencing at this point. It made a lot of sense to me.” She also says even if seemingly small self-care practice seem “stupid” they can really make a positive impact on your mental health, she also acknowledged that wintertime can be “particularly challenging for mental health.” So even if you are tired to doing “stupid things” for your “stupid mental health” Daino says you should still do them, as skipping them could lead to increased anxiety, increased depression, feelings of loneliness, and more.