From bottom to top:

  • Bottom bun.
  • First condiment of choice. Distribute your condiments (mustard, ketchup, mayo, etc.) between the top and bottom buns.
  • Lettuce. With its placement atop the bun, the lettuce acts as a shield that blocks the patty’s juices from soaking into it and making it soggy. Keeping the lettuce from direct contact with the hot patty also keeps it from wilting, preserving its crispness.
  • Tomato. Slippery veggies like lettuce and tomato are best placed beneath the burger and are less likely to slip when used as foundational pieces rather than sitting on top of the patty.
  • Burger patty with melted cheese. For best taste, cheese should be melted on top of the patty as it finishes cooking.
  • Onions. The melted cheese will keep them in position.
  • Pickles. Place your pickles within the rings of the onions.
  • Second condiment of choice. The condiment will help keep the onions and pickles in place.
  • Top bun