Celebrities have been posting memories of the late Taylor Hawkins since his sudden death last week. And actor, John Stamos of Full House fame, shared his last text message the Foo Fighters’ drummer.

The two had been trying to spend some time together and Taylor wrote: “We’ve yet to fully have a hang – Got a put that s*** together before we die.”

Stamos, who also lost his friend and co-star Bob Saget in January, later shared a throwback video of Hawkins pretending to be upset with him for getting a Geico commercial instead of himself, in which Stamos flipped a knitting needle like a drumstick. 

In a statement shared to Instagram, the Foo Fighters’ remaining members, Dave GrohlPat SmearChris ShiflettNate Mendel, and Rami Jaffee remembered Hawkins for “his musical spirit” and “infectious laughter.” 

For the time being, Foo Fighters have ended their tour of South America.


  • In the clip, Taylor says: “Stamos is a good buddy of mine. He’s a good guy. I really like him a lot. He’s a great drummer and he’s just a great dude, all that stuff,” Hawkins said in the old clip. “But I’m a little upset with him actually, I gotta be honest with you, because I was supposed to do that Geico commercial….Originally that was mine but they decided to go with Stamos ‘cause he’s better looking. But I’m the best stick flipper around. Sorry, Stamos….It goes me, Tommy Lee, Stamos.” 


The body of the Foo Fighters drummer has been flown back to the U.S. from Colombia, where he passed away earlier this week.  Hawkins died last Friday (March 29th) at a the Four Seasons Casa Medina in Colombia. He was 50. According to The Daily Mail, Foo Fighters’ tour manager Gus Brandt remained in Colombia after the surviving band members returned to the states a day after Hawkins was found dead.

An official cause of death for Hawkins hasn’t yet been released. But on Saturday (March 26th), Colombia’s attorney general’s office released a preliminary toxicology report, saying that medical examiners found evidence of 10 types of substances in Hawkins’s body, including opioids, benzodiazepines, marijuana and antidepressants.


In other news, the Grammys is set to pay tribute to Hawkins during their ceremony on Sunday (April 3rd). The band was set to perform at the ceremony but they cancelled all of their upcoming live gigs in light of Hawkins’ death