The supposed death of cash may be exaggerated. A new survey of 1,500 Americans found that a majority believe using cash helps them budget their money, and that there are things they prefer to buy with cash. In the OnePoll survey for Cash Connect, 51 percent said using cash helps them budget, with members of Gen Z being most likely to agree, and, at 52 percent, the mostly like to prefer cash to other payment methods. Looking at what Americans prefer to pay cash for, fast food topped the list at 44 percent, followed by candy and snacks at 37 percent, coffee at 32 percent, and gas at 27 percent. However,  when something is over $31, people would prefer to use another payment method. Additionally, 36 percent withdraw cash specifically for tipping, even if they don’t play to pay the bill in cash. The survey found Americans keep an average of $52 in cash on them, and three-quarters keep an emergency “cash stash” at home of an average of $89.