Stevie Nicks had some tough words for Russian president Vladimir Putin comparing him to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler for his invasion of Ukraine.

On Saturday (February 26th), Nicks took to Instagram and addressed the loss of life and displacement of the Ukranian people following Russia’s unwarranted invasion.

INTERNET COMMENTS via Stevie Nicks’ official Instagram page – agree or disagree???

rebekatay1983 wrote: “Pray for them all. Can’t get out of my head the parents of children. What they say, what they choose to take with them, where they go and how they survive.”

daryllverstraeten wrote: “Speak out about the middle east too then.”

robertcozziauthor wrote: “I was waiting to hear words from you today, and just like that, here you are when we need you the most.”

sharon_wensley wrote: “I went on a Baltic Cruise and on a tour in Estonia our tour guide was very outspoken on her dislike of Russian politicians or their government. In Russia the people were very nice but I could see they were not truly free yet like us. All those countries from the former Soviet Union are still on shaky ground. Russia is very big and they are not afraid to show their strength.”

tsirigo wrote: “Love you Stevie for reaching out to this soul. This us (sic) truly a David and Goliath moment and we can only pray that David overcomes this monster again!”

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