Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes celebrates with fans as he walks off the field after an NFL divisional-round playoff football game against the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022, in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs won 42-36 in overtime. (AP Photo/Colin E. Braley)

The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills played a divisional round game yesterday that some are calling one of the greatest NFL playoff games ever. But the way such an epic face-off ended left a bad taste in some NFL fans’ mouths, with the Chiefs winning 42-36 in overtime without the Bills ever getting possession of the ball, and that’s led some to call for the overtime rules to be changed. The Chiefs got the football first in OT because they won the coin toss, and under the current rules, if the team with possession first scores a touchdown, they win, which is what happened. If the Chiefs had kicked a field goal, the Bills would’ve gotten the ball back to try to tie the game or score a touchdown for the win. Among those who tweeted criticism about the overtime rules after the game were former NFL players Torrey Smith and Will Blackmon, both Super Bowl winners, with Smith saying, “The overtime rules stink though. Both offenses should have a chance to compete!,” while Blackmon said, “Man, the Bills def deserve a shot in OT. They gotta change these overtime rules.” ProFootballTalk tweeted: “The overtime rule for playoff games must change. If this one doesn’t spark a more fair approach nothing ever will,” and even players from other sports weighed in, with Ryan Strome of the NHL’s New York Rangers declaring, “Worst overtime format in all of sports!”