Some NBC News journalists are unhappy about MSNBC’s planned hiring of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki when she leaves the administration, according to CNN. The report said NBC News president Noah Oppenheim held a phone call about the issue with staffers in NBC’s Washington bureau, some of whom had complained, saying Psaki’s hiring tarnishes NBC News. Oppenheim reportedly cited the distinction between NBC News and MSNBC’s opinion programming and said NBC News didn’t have a role in her hiring. CNN notes that while it’s not uncommon for government officials and politicians to reach deals with news organizations when they leave their positions, reports about Psaki upset some staffers because news of her negotiations with the network came out while she is still White House press secretary, as well as because instead of getting the more usual job for these figures of being a political analyst on shows on the network, MSNBC reportedly intends to have her host a show on its streaming Peacock platform. CNN also says that some NBC News journalists were first bothered when MSNBC in January announced the hiring of Symone Sanders, the former senior spokesperson for Vice President Kamala Harris, to host a show on the weekends.