Manchester City are the reigning champions of the English Premier League, and now they’re championing the cause of landfill waste by offering edible coffee and tea cups at their 55,000 seater Etihad Stadium. “For the first time on Campus, an ‘edible coffee cup’ will be introduced. This fantastic and innovative solution provides an amazing solution to waste, just eat your cup,” reads a statement from the Etihad Stadium. The cup is made by a Scottish startup called BioBite, and is essentially a 100-calorie vegan biscuit in the shape of a cup. Made with wafer in much the same way as an ice cream cone, the cup will stay leak-proof for 12 hours, and even more amazingly, crunchy for a full 45 minutes, which for the American readers is exactly and always one-half the duration of a ‘football’ match. According to the company’s website, the cup is fully recyclable, but the taste of coffee-soaked wafer cup is actually delectable. The football club is also offering fully recyclable beer cups made of recycled paper and cardboard.