Most great fanbases have a nickname, one that has stood out in its own right over time. For Slipknot, their fans are known as the maggots, and during a discussion with The Independent, founding percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan clarified the origins of the moniker bestowed upon the Slipknot faithful.

Those who’ve followed Crahan over the years are well aware of his artistic side, and he revealed that the idea initially came after taking photos of a dead wildlife creature.

“I used to take photos of dead deers. Their stomachs were full of maggots,” says Clown. “Slipknot as a band, we deal with a lot of stuff, and I figured maggots deal with the worst stuff of all. They deal with all the death and shit and then, at the end of it, they grow wings and turn into flies, then that fly will come back and lay an egg.”

The percussionist saw the similarity between the flies and the fans, explaining, “You’re 14 and you feel that rebellion in you. The world is telling you no; you listen to us, and we help you find confidence to say yes. Then there comes a day when you might get married, have a kid, get a job, whatever. Slipknot’s not your everyday life any more, but you still hear it. I call fans maggots because they grow wings and they come back. If we’re lucky, they come back with their offspring. I’ve got two, three generations of maggots. It’s cool.”

Speaking of that generational experience, back in 2015, Crahan revealed that he envisioned the Slipknot brand outlasting all of the current members of the group. “If we can keep it going, if we can keep the philosophy and the culture going, there’s no reason why kings and queens can’t take it over,” explained the musician at the time. “Don’t be surprised one day, you know, nobody will be in the band. It’ll all just be new people. I’ll be 80 and there’ll be a whole new Slipknot thing moving.”

For now, Slipknot are quite confident in the lineup they currently have. The band just released their seventh studio album, The End, So Far, and have been wowing audiences with their live show. After wrapping up their current tour leg this week with appearances in California, the band will finish out the year with major festival dates in Mexico and South America in December. Get further details here.