Butter and full-fat dairy may be healthier than we thought — rich in essential fatty acids, emerging research suggests

Full-fat dairy and butter might be healthier than originally thought. Public health researcher Stephanie Venn-Watson says her company, Fatty 15, has found that a type of saturated fat called C15:0 found in butter and full-fat dairy may be good for you in moderation. A study on Navy dolphins revealed consuming the specific type of fat may reduce risk of disease and improve health and well being. Watson says this suggests that getting more C15:0 in your diet, with foods such as grass-fed butter in moderation, may help you be healthier. Research suggests C15:0 is an essential fatty acid similar to other healthy fats like omega-3, which can help prevent heart disease and other chronic illnesses. More research is needed to determine the optimal levels of C15:0 humans need and the best way to get it.