In an interview posted on, Sammy Hagar spoke about playing shows during the pandemic. He said he’s been lucky that nobody in his band has had Covid.

He says he’s careful and even keeps his mask on when hugging and finds himself constantly washing his hands.

He said, “It’s horrible, if you want my opinion. It [expletive] stinks.”

He says it’s the only way to continue to be safe, so he’s telling his fans to “make sure you’re vaxxed and wear a mask.” And added, the only thing worse is… if you get sick.

He’s been told he should do a public service message to promote safety measures, but doesn’t want to come off like a school teacher or principal. Instead he just sets testing rules for his concerts.

Hagar has changed the way he thinks about the pandemic. In June 2020, he made headlines for an interview in which he said that he was willing to sacrifice himself to COVID-19 if it means saving the economy. He said, “I’d rather personally get sick and even die, if that’s what it takes.”

After the Rolling Stone article was published, Hagar retracted his statement.

Hagar kicked off his 2022 Sammy Hagar & Friends Vegas residency earlier this month.