Sammy Hagar has been named the honorary tourism ambassador to Los Cabos, Mexico. Blabbermouth reported Hagar was presented with a distinguished Medal Of Honor during an award ceremony held by the secretary of tourism, economics and sustainability in Baja California Sur — Maribel Collins, municipal president of Los Cabos Oscar Leggs Castro, senator of the Mexican Republic Lucía Trasviña, and director of tourism Donna Jeffries at Plaza Mijares in San Jose del Cabo.
Hagar said at the ceremony: “Being honored for anything in Los Cabos is the same for me as being honored in my hometown, because I feel this is my hometown and has been since the early ’80s. I will treasure this award, putting it right next to my Grammy, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction award and the rest of my music awards. . . I will continue to do my part in bringing this, one of the most beautiful places in the world, to the rest of the world, as your new ambassador of tourism.”