Rush has partnered with Stern Pinball for a series of new pinball machines, available in “Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.” Stern Chairman and CEO Gary Stern said in a statement, “Partnering with Rush, we created a musical pinball experience that every fan will want to explore. Incredible music, memorable toys, unique mechanical pinball action, and custom speech will make players feel like they are on tour with the band. In memory of Neil Peart, we have also decided to support the Neil Peart Research Award sponsored by the Glioblastoma Foundation as it researches cures for this deadly brain cancer.”

The pinball machines will be unveiled virtually in Las Vegas starting today (January 5th) through January 8th at the Consumer Electronics Show. The suggested retail price for the machines is $6,899.

According to the press release:

Travel back in time with Rush by shooting pinballs through a custom sculpted, electromagnetic Time Machine. Players will explore Red Barchetta, Subdivisions, and Fly By Night Multiball action. The Rush Premium and LE model pinball experience includes a motorized ramp with custom lighting effects and a custom sculpted Clockwork Angels Clock, inspired from Neil Peart’s bass drum from their Time Machine Tour. This motorized clock illuminates, and when it strikes midnight players will be transported to a Headlong Fight Multiball frenzy.

The Rush pinball concert under glass features sixteen iconic songs, accentuated by sound and lighting effects. Songs include “Headlong Fight,” “Far Cry,” “One Little Victory,” “Working Man,” “2112,” “Tom Sawyer,” “The Spirit Of Radio,” “Freewill,” “Cygnus X-1 (‘Book One: The Voyage’ and ‘Book Two: Hemispheres’),” “The Big Money,” “Subdivisions,” “Limelight,” “Fly By Night,” “La Villa Strangiato,” “Bastille Day,” and “Red Barchetta.”

Rush pinball machines include Stern’s new Insider Connected system, which enables players to interact with the game and a global network of players in a variety of ways. Stern Insider Connected provides dynamic entertainment and player engagement features. Insider Connected also provides an operator focused toolset to drive location play and remotely manage every aspect of the machines. Registration for Insider Connected is available at


  • Surviving Rush members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson teamed up last summer with Toronto’s award-winning Henderson Brewery for the new “Rush Canadian Golden Ale.”
  • Back in 2016, the craft brewing company issued a “Put Your Scarf On Geddy” limited edition Canadian Imperial Stout, and was the natural choice for the band.

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