Wendy Dio, the widow and longtime manager of Ronnie James Dio told Canada’s The Metal Voice that she cried after seeing the first cut of Ronnie James Dio’s documentary. She said, “I [just saw the first cut of it]. Last week they were in town from New York, and we were going over a lot of stuff. It was amazing. They did a great job. I cried my eyes out. It was very emotional. They did a very, very good job on it.”

She continued, “We moved a few things around, edited a few things. But I think it’s gonna be really good… It’s done really well… It’s different to the book — totally different to the book. But it’s so interesting and so touching.”

Earlier in the month, during another interview, Wendy told fans what they can expect to see in the documentary. She said,”There’s a bunch of stuff from [old] Super 8 [tapes] and some other stuff. There’s fantastic interviews with all kinds of different people about when they were working with Ronnie or what they were doing at the time, maybe supporting Ronnie. It’s totally different to the [recently released Dio] book. And I’m very interested to see this cut. I’m excited, actually, to see it. And I think it’s gonna be great.”