Roger Daltrey admits that looking back 50-plus years on The Who Sell Out has left him proud and inspired by the band. Daltrey, along with Pete Townshend, has just issued a “super deluxe” version of the 1967 classic — as well as a Classic Albums special on the groundbreaking set.


  • On June 12th, the Who will release an expanded 40th anniversary edition of their 1981 Face Dances collection for Record Store Day.
  • “LP 1” is the original album with its nine tracks. “LP 2,” entitled “Face Dances Part 3” — with a nod to the 1982 Pete Townshend solo hit “Face Dances, Part 2” — has another nine tracks.
  • The second disc features alternate versions of Face Dances tracks and outtakes, along with four of the album’s songs performed on March 28th, 1981 live in Essen, Germany.

CHECK IT OUT: The Who’s 1967 Sell Out track “I Can’t Reach You”: