Following the massive success of 2007’s Raising SandRobert Plant admitted there was unease while reuniting with Alison Krauss for the album’s aborted 2009 follow-up sessions. Plant, who’ll release Raise The Roof, his second album with Krauss on November 19th, told The New York Times, “There was a little bit of trepidation on my part. I wasn’t sure whether we could reinvoke what we had. But it was very short-lived, that question of whether or not it was real. It was like, I bow to her and she curtsies to me, and we see what we can do. . . When people stick stuff on the radio now, I think you’re allowed like 16 seconds or even less before you’re actually hitting a chorus. But then again, we’re fishing in a different pool. In fact, we’re not even fishing. We’re just trying to swim.”