If you find yourself having a love-hate relationship with scary movies, you’re not the only one. Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist explains, “Oddly enough, the brain releases dopamine when we’re scared, almost as if we’re excited. This sudden dopamine rush explains why some people laugh when they get scared while walking through a haunted house or seeing a jump scare in a movie.” He says this hit of dopamine is even more enjoyable if you’re sitting in a controlled environment because even though you may feel like you’re in danger, your body knows you aren’t, which, “Therefore, subconsciously, your body allows you to enjoy it.” He adds that some people are actually more chemically inclined to watch horror movies, since their bodies may release more dopamine and adrenaline than the average person. In other words, if you hate horror movies but can’t look away it might be due to your brain chemistry. Hafeez says another reason you might stick it out through a scary movie even if you hate it could be that you like that feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing it.