Police guitarist Andy Summers revealed that the band is considering releasing a recently discovered tape of their first U.S. gig at New York City’s CBGB’s in October 1978. Summers said, “I don’t really know yet. We’re looking at it. This is brand new. It’s just sort of hot off the press, it just turned up. Somebody found that. I’ve heard it, and it’s very raw. It’s really in your face, not finessed at all. So I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen with it yet. I would love to see it out, of course, because I think it’s historical and important. There we were. . . We’re pounding away.” He added: “It’s very interesting to hear these early takes when I didn’t even have the guitar pedals to really get the sounds that I sort of became known for later on. It was too early. . . . But the band is playing great, with very fierce, strong playing. Y’know, it’s kind of raw and violent!”