What do you like to put in your eggs? “Pizza eggs” are having a moment on TikTok, and the hashtag #pizzaeggs has more than 1.9 million views on the platform. The recipe typically has people making omelets with popular pizza toppings, while others involve actual leftover pizza slices and scrambled eggs. Content creator Elyse Myers, who has the highest viewed pizza eggs video on TikTok so far, makes her recipe using butter, pre-cooked chicken, pepperoni slices, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, eggs, and cheese. Meanwhile content creator and self-proclaimed “professional eater” Shay Spence first shared his pizza eggs recipe back in 2020, and then again this year. His recipe involves cutting up pizza slices into cubes and frying them in oil before adding optional sauce, blended eggs, salt and pepper, and then cooking it all on medium heat. Would you try some version of pizza eggs?


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