It was 30 years ago today (August 27th, 1991) that Pearl Jam released its debut album, Ten, which peaked at Number Two on the Billboard 200, and has sold over 13 million copies in the U.S. alone. The album’s key tracks, “Alive,” “Even Flow,” and “Jeremy,” helped redefine rock radio — along with those by fellow Seattle bands Nirvana and Soundgarden — which laid waste to the dying days of hair metal and ushered in the grunge era. 


  • Pearl Jam came out of the ashes of Seattle group Mother Love Bone, following the death of that band’s singer Andrew Wood.
  • Eddie Vedder was living in San Diego before joining the band and was recommended to them by former Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Jack Irons, who also played briefly with the Peppers.

CHECK IT OUT: Pearl Jam’s video for 1991’s “Alive”:

CHECK IT OUT: Pearl Jam’s video for 1991’s “Even Flow”:

CHECK IT OUT: Pearl Jam in 1992 performing “Jeremy” on MTV Unplugged: