Some parents are upset after a high school in St. Johns County, Florida, altered the yearbook photos of 80 girls without their knowledge or consent to show less skin. Bartram Trail High School was already facing criticism that its dress code is sexist and unfairly targets female students. Adrian Bartlett, whose daughter’s photo was edited to add more coverage on her chest, told the St. Augustine Record, “I think it sends the message that our girls should be ashamed of their growing bodies, and I think that’s a horrible message to send out to these young girls that are going through these changes.” A school district spokeswoman said the school’s yearbook coordinator, teacher Anne Irwin, decided that girls were out of dress code in the photos and did some of the editing. No pictures of male students, including one of the swim team in Speedos, were altered. In addition to the complaints about the editing to do things like give more chest coverage or cover bare shoulders, there were also complaints about the editing being poorly done. The school is offering refunds for the cost of the yearbook to any parents calling to complain about the editing. The yearbooks have to be returned to get a refund.

I’m pretty sure this will be a topic of discussion with my Insane FL Nephew, Pancho Guero, who GRADUATED from Bartram Trail HIgh back in 2009. You’ll have to check out our podcast to find out his feedback on this stupid decision! Check out Insane Erik Lane’s Stupid World podcast where ever you get your podcasts!