Ozzy Osbourne admitted that reuniting with Black Sabbath was hardly ever clear sailing for him. While chatting with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to promote his new album, Patient Number 9 — on which Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi appears — Ozzy admitted that being in a band again with Iommi was tough: “The tours were like stepping back for me. It was the same old thing. . . Tony would say, ‘It’s not an Ozzy show, it’s not your band.’ And (there was) a lot of unsettlement. I didn’t enjoy (it), y’know?”

He went on to explain, “When I left Sabbath, I did okay, I did good. The difference was, I was a singer with Black Sabbath; it was my own band now. If somebody got up my nose, I’d just get rid of them. . . If I don’t like a certain sound, I’ll say I don’t like a certain sound. But you couldn’t say that to f***ing them. Oh yeah? Well, f*** off!”

Ozzy felt constrained being back in a band situation where he didn’t have the final say: “That’s what I meant when I said it was like reverting back. . . It was like, you have a relationship, and you go back to it, and it’s like starting the same again.”

INTERNET COMMENTS via Ultimate-Guitar.com – agree or disagree???

anjohl1 wrote: “Aka, he can’t function in a band environment. And it was *patently* obvious that Sharon/Ozzy took over Sabbath as essentially being ‘Ozzy’s other band’ with the reunion.”

k0stil wrote: “I mean Yeah he spent most of his career being the main guy so coming back to an actual band was difficult for him”

triple6wolfi wrote: “We need Bill Ward”

CloserSolid wrote: “I find it funny that he said he only did okay. . . He’s arguably the most iconic figure to emerge from the entire genre.”

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