Although Ozzy Osbourne is slowly on the mend from his recent Covid diagnosis, his family has now contracted the virus. The Daily Mail reported wife Sharon Osbourne spoke via video link to her TV show The Talk From LA, and explained, “(Ozzy’s) doing much better thank you. His temperature is now back to normal his coughing has stopped, he’s doing much better. But I’ve got some news to share. My daughter Kelly has it, I have it and the entire household has it now.”

When asked if now that she’s ill, Ozzy would be taking care of her, Sharon laughed and said, “Maybe, we’ll see. I feel OK actually.”

An Osbourne insider told The Mirror that Ozzy, who’s now 73, had been seriously worried about contracting Covid: “Ozzy was badly paranoid about getting Covid because of everything that he has been through. Now he’s got it, he’s panicked and feeling awful. He heard about Covid spreading on surfaces and got so paranoid that he got all takeaway deliveries coming into the house sprayed outside with anti-bacterial treatments.”

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Surprise2022 wrote: “I like Ozzy, but it seems his 9 lives have come close to running out.”

theevieempire wrote: “He must have a much higher count because he went through nine lives in the ’80s alone. “

Hothead wrote: “What did she expect? She went back into a household with someone who has it. I know she doesn’t have a PhD, but come on.”

Fromthepast wrote: “Are they all vaccinated and boosted, or not? How was Ozzie exposed? I thought he was being seriously careful. I know how his whole household caught it from him.”

RayPurchase1 wrote: “O shut up Sharon you appalling dwarf bore.”

luemmelbingo wrote: “Are we done with this non story now?! Thanks in advance.”

Karl09 wrote: “Does anybody have any idea why this family is suddenly doing the rounds? And the obligatory Covid pass to remain relevant!”