Scrolling right before you sleep and the moment you wake up isn’t healthy… you know this (Picture: Getty/

We’ve all been there. You’ve brushed your teeth and got all cosy in bed, then, when you know full well you should be reading a book or meditating, you reach for your phone and do some pre-snooze TikTok scrolling. You can pretend all you want that it’s to ‘help you drift off’, but come on – you know it just keeps you up longer and later. Willpower is weak, and knowing that going on your phone right before you try to sleep is bad isn’t enough to make you quit it. Remove the temptation by banning your phone from the bedroom and putting it far out of reach. ‘You should consider a traditional alarm clock for your bedroom that’s separate from your phone as it’s easy for us to be distracted by what’s taking place on our screens while relying on your phone as an alarm,’ says Colin Espie, a neuroscientist and professor of sleep science.