Image showing Demodex folliculorum mite on skin under Hirox microscope. (Credit: University of Reading)

Tiny eight-legged creatures may be having sex on your face while you sleep, new research explains. Researchers from the University of Reading say these mites are both invisible to the naked eye and are on the skin of all humans. Moreover, they have some bizarre mating habits. Entwined couples cling on to our hair as they copulate — the bug world’s version of “swinging from the chandeliers.” They are passed on during birth and carried by almost every person. Numbers peak in adults as pores grow bigger. Now, scientists have exposed the secret lives of these critters, from their body features to their evolutionary future. The first ever full DNA analysis shows they are becoming such simplified organisms, they may soon become one with us.“We found these mites have a different arrangement of body part genes to other similar species due to them adapting to a sheltered life inside pores,” says co-lead author Professor Alejandra Perotti in a media release. “These changes to their DNA have resulted in some unusual body features and behaviors.”