Marilyn Manson‘s ex Ashley Morgan Smithline has come forward to reveal the details about their alleged two year abusive relationship. Smithline is one of 15 women, including actresses Evan Rachel Wood and Esmé Bianco, who have accused Manson of sexual, psychological and physical abuse. Manson has denied all claims.

According to People, Smithline said, “I survived a monster” and that she “thought he was going to kill” her.  

Smithline has accused Mansion of sexually assaulting her countless times. She also claimed that Manson bit, whipped and cut her with a swastika-emblazoned knife and shoved his fist in her mouth during sex. 

She has also claimed that he also forced her to do a blood pact and that she was locked into a glass, soundproof room called “the bad girls’ room” whenever she “p*ssed him off.”

Manson has responded to Smithline’s allegations through his spokesperson, saying that he “strongly deny her claims.” The statement continued, “There are so many falsehoods within her claims that we wouldn’t know where to begin to answer them.  This relationship, to the limited extent it was a relationship, didn’t last one week.” 

Meanwhile, Smithline provided People with emails and messages she says were from Manson that span more than two years.