As if Paul Stanley getting caught apparently lip synching during Kiss‘ June 6th gig in Antwerp, Belgium wasn’t bad enough — Kiss is once again the laughing stock of their detractors.

Classic Rock reported the embarrassing mistake that took place on Sunday (June 26th) at the Stadhalle in concert in Vienna, Austria at the Stadhalle: “At the end of the band’s set the production people did what they normally do: they flashed up a message on the screens, thanking fans for their attendance: We Love You Vienna.”

So far — so good, but then the ultimate faux pas: “Well, that was the plan. What they actually did was thank fans for their attendance, with the Kiss logo set against the Australian flag. That’s the Australia that’s on the other side of the world from Austria. Two extra letters, but so much distance.”

Kiss performs on Thursday (June 30th) in France Saint-Vulbas France at Festival Du Printemps De Perouges

Their next U.S. show is set for September 21st at West Palm Beach’s IThink Financial Amphitheatre.


r wrote: “it’s called flag syncing.”

Tim wrote: “Spinal tap eat your heart out.”

Hooli wrote: “Put another shrimp on the barbie.”

Cadderley wrote: “LOL! You’d think that they’d check google earth or something before going. Seriously, it’s not hard.”

MineOpine wrote: “CLARIFICATION: Austria is the capital of Australia. Everyone knows that. They were right on the button with their flag. We Americans have to straighten the ignorant euros out on every issue.”

Dante_D wrote: “Gene will be suing the graphics guy for the 25 bucks he paid him plus damages to his….. ego.”

paulcafc wrote: “I was there at the front and I never noticed. I took photos of it but it didn’t sink in. Shows what div I am. By the way they were absolutely fantastic. A night I’ll never forget. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to”

Every 1 wrote: “As an Aussie, I am flattered to be confused with Austrians. They are very smart, hard working civilized people. I hope we get the Austrian flag when KISS perform here (if they eventually find us).”

cedric biffle wrote: “Not a fan of KISS but do you really think the band members do their stage graphics? Are some of you people THAT stupid?”

Glen Twentee wrote: “At least it got them some publicity.”