John Mellencamp is proud of that fact that Bruce Springsteen offered up some killer guitar work on his newly-released album, Strictly A One-Eyed Jack. “The Boss” is featured on three tracks in total — both singing and on guitar.


The tracklisting to John Mellencamp’s ‘Strictly A One-Eyed Jack’ is:

“I Always Lie To Strangers”
“Driving In The Rain”
“I Am A Man That Worries”
“Streets Of Galilee”
“Sweet Honey Brown”
“Did You Say Such A Thing” – with Bruce Springsteen
“Gone So Soon”
“Wasted Days” – with Bruce Springsteen
“Simply A One-Eyed Jack”
“Chasing Rainbows”
“Lie To Me”
“A Life Full Of Rain” – with Bruce Springsteen

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