John Bonham‘s grandson — and the son of Jason Bonham Jaeger Henry Bonham — has just dropped his latest punk-flavored single, titled, “Hate Me.”

The tattooed rock royal spoke to about the new single explaining, “I was in the studio one night after a long day, and my producer Omer Biton and I started to make a beat with some drums and bass. All of a sudden the day had just started turning into lyrics.”

Bonham — who only uses his first and middle name for his recording — shed light on why he’s cast aside the famous moniker: “I was always talked about due to my last name, so I thought why not switch it up a little and just basically took my last name and replaced it with my middle name and it had a nice ring to it.”

INTERNET COMMENTS – via – agree or disagree???

Thurston29 wrote: “This is like Machine Gun Kelly but even worse”

unjo88 wrote: “Machine Gun Bonham”

james182 wrote: “Blatant AIF ripoff! I’m even sadder this summer now.”

slash&roses wrote: “All that studio time and still no creative ideas”

cmvideo wrote: “Wait…. is this Jason Bonham’s son?  Did John Bonham have other kids?  I hope this isn’t Jason’s son.”

MrWizard209 wrote: “It sadly is. . . This was more bland than the food they serve in elementary school”

rstrach2012 wrote: “Just because he could, he never stopped to consider whether he should”

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