It might be harder to do your holiday shopping this year. Experts working in consumer industries say new efforts to ease supply-chain snarls may have come too late. The Toy Association, a trade organization for the toy industry, says the newly announced initiatives “will help marginally […] but it’s not a full solution in any way.” Last week President Joe Biden announced the Port of Los Angeles is going to 24/7 operations, and dock workers will be taking on more shifts in an effort to help the struggling supply chain. Experts say toy companies now will have to pay a premium to get their goods in a shipping container—and big toy companies that ship year-round will have an advantage over midsized companies that do not ship goods all year. They say due to this, the “selection will have gaps” for holiday shopping, and that efforts to unclog the supply chain ahead of holiday season would have been better off starting three to four months ago.