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Two-thirds of working moms believe between four and eight months is the ideal time off for maternity leave, according to new research. The survey of 2,000 employed moms of school-aged children reports that six in 10 moms went back to work less than four months after their child was born, with 26 percent reporting they returned to their jobs in less than two months. Results show that while many moms had an easy time getting back to work (55%), 35 percent say it was hard for them to regain their footing after being away. Respondents cite barriers related to breastfeeding, including time and privacy to pump and a secure place to store breastmilk among the top challenges of returning to work after being home. The OnePoll survey commissioned by SurePayroll also finds that many women had a hard time not being around their child (55%) or getting used to a schedule again (33%). Yet, most mothers agree that they feel gratified by the work they’re able to accomplish outside of their household (71%) and they’re ready to take on the workforce, whether to make enough income for their family (56%) or because they want to further their careers (25%).