Sales of canned cranberry sauce have increased 32 percent over the past two years, and last year, Instacart reports that it delivered so much cranberry sauce that if you stacked the cans, it would equal almost 1,200 Statues of Liberty. Instacart’s trends expert Laurenita Romaniuk explains, “There are different reasons why consumers may prefer canned cranberry sauce, including tradition, flavor, nostalgia, texture, convenience or the fact that it can be served on a dish in the shape of a can, which adds an element of levity to the meal.” Registered dietician Whitney Linsenmeyer notes that canned cranberry sauce tends to be high in added sugar, but also notes that Thanksgiving isn’t the time to worry about eating too much sugar, saying, “I say eat whatever version you enjoy. At my table, we have both the homemade cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries and we definitely have that delicious can.”