Gene Simmons has never been among those to hold his tongue — whether onstage with Kiss or when discussing rock n’ roll.

During a recent appearance on Dean Delray‘s Let There Be Talk podcast, Simmons couldn’t help but share his disdain for fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famers — the Grateful Dead: “The English gave us Led Zeppelin; we gave the world the Grateful Dead. Come on! A guy with a beard holding his guitar close to his neck (laughter) — that’s just not cool. Good luck to everybody. I’ve gone to one or  two of their shows and, look, I’ve got Grateful Dead fans who I like and all that stuff — (the band was) the biggest snore I’ve ever seen. And by the way, it’s like a sausage fest. There’s not a chick in sight. Nowhere. It’s like a Rush concert, one of my favorite bands. (Dean Delray): Oh yeah, totally! (Gene Simmons): You can’t find a chick within a mile of that place.”

Kiss kicks off its North American dates on September 21st at West Palm Beach’s IThink Financial Amphitheare.


  • Coming on September 9th is the latest concert from Kiss‘ ongoing archival “Off The Soundboard” series.
  • Live In Des Moines 1977 was recorded during the Alive II tour on November 29th, 1977 in Des Moines, Iowa at Veterans Memorial Auditorium, featuring the band’s original and classic lineup of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss.

The tracklisting to Kiss’ Off The Soundboard: Live In Des Moines 1977:

“I Stole Your Love”
“King Of The Night Time World”
“Ladies Room”
“Love Gun”
“Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll”
“Makin’ Love”
“Christine Sixteen”
“Shock Me”
“I Want You”
“Calling Dr. Love”
“Shout It Out Loud”
“God Of Thunder”
“Rock And Roll All Nite”
“Detroit Rock City”
“Black Diamond”

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