In a recent interview, Gene Simmons of Kiss spoke out about racism and said it “has got to stop.” He said that America “can get better and it will get better.”

He went on to say that you need to confront racism and go after those “cockroaches,” as he called them. He suggested that you make their lives “legally” miserable.

He even suggested how to do it. “The guy with his drunken buddies hurling racial epithets, take photos of him. This guy’s name is so-and-so and he lives right outside of Manchester and works in this garage. Guess what the garage is gonna do? They’re going to fire his a** right away, because they don’t want the attention of hiring a hate-monger.”

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  • Last year, Simmons, whose Hungarian mother survived the Holocaust, joined more than 170 black and Jewish leaders from the entertainment industry launching the Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance (BJEA), described by the organization as ‘a joint initiative by black and Jewish entertainment industry professionals devoted to countering racism and anti-Semitism in the entertainment community.