Gene Simmons explained that Kiss “selling its catalogue” is an entirely different kettle of fish than it is for other bands. While pitching his latest endeavor — the new vodka, called Moneybag to A Journal Of Musical Things, Simmons was asked if he and Paul Stanley would ever sell off their interest in Kiss. He answered, “How much have you got? Bob Dylan sold his stuff for $300 to 400 million. The problem — and I love the guy and worship the ground he walks on — but (his music) isn’t going to mean a lot to a 20-year-old. They don’t care about ‘The Times They Are A-Changin” (or) ‘Maggie’s Farm’ — they just don’t. Very few pieces of music stand the test of time. What Kiss has that no other musical entity has is trademarks. Our faces are bigger than the music, bigger than anything.”

He went on to explain, “(Bruce) Springsteen just sold for $500 million and what you get is the music, not the imagery. I’ve never seen a Springsteen cartoon, comic book, or action figures. Kiss is the only one. So what you’re buying into — if anyone does the right price — you’re into buying the imagery that has stood the test of time. Our analogy is Santa Claus/Superman: Imagery that is trademarked so that no one can reproduce. And no other musical act has that.”

When pressed as to whether Kiss could continue as a live act without him or Stanley, Simmons said, “Anything is possible. Did I think there would ever be a Kiss Kruise, the museum, and thousands of licensed products? No! . . . Nothing is impossible. A few years ago, (producer) Mark Burnett and I were pitching a (TV) show called Kiss: The Next Generation, which was going to be kind of a competition show to find out who’s worthy to wear the crown — who’s got the stuff, the physicality, and the ability to write songs.”

Regarding the health of the Kiss brand, Simmons went on to list the plans for 2022: “We’re busy building the Kiss Museum in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel. There’s a Kiss motion picture that’s about to start filming. And there’s going to be a cartoon show and other things. So Kiss will continue to exist in various forms. But the touring band should stop . . . I’m 72. Still have some hair. And I don’t want to stay on stage too long. I’ve seen so many bands I’ve liked. . . and what’s missing now are wheelchairs. Have some self-respect. Go out on top. And that’s what we’re doing.”

Kiss kicks off a 17-date tour of Down Under and South America on March 19th in Melbourne, Australia.

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Rough wrote: “Dose this guy ever stfu ..wish he would invest in a muzzle and wear it to endorse it kiss was a cool band when I was a kid back in the 70s …now most of them are just wind bags talking poo.”

Glenn wrote: “KISS has done more for rock music than anyone in the 70’s and created more hysteria than The Beatles did in the 60’s. KISS fan or not, you can’t ignore what they have accomplished.”

Dean tracy wrote: “Gene you are so self-centered and all you can do is think about money. I have to tell you that you will be one of the richest man in the cemetery. Where will that get you?”

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