Foo Fighters saluted ZZ Top‘s late-bassist, Dusty Hill, during their stop in Cincinnati on July 29th, according to Drummer Taylor Hawkins sported and T-shirt which read, “Dusty RIP,” with the band playing a bit of ZZ Top’s “Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers” and “La Grange” in honor of Hill, who died in his sleep on July 27th at age 72.

On Friday (July 30th), ZZ Top played its first gig since the death of Dusty Hilli n Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After the show’s opening number, “Got Me Under Pressure,” an upbeat Billy F. Gibbons addressed the crowd, stating: “We’re gonna have a good time in here tonight. . . ‘Got a new guy up here, as you know. Dusty gave me the directive. My friend, your pal, Elwood Francis, is gonna hold it down behind me.” The band then launched into their classic cover of Sam & Dave‘s “I Thank You.”

As the show progressed, he name-checked Hill’s replacement one more time adding: “How about that Elwood, tearing up that bottom there for Dusty” and joked that Francis was growing a beard to fit his new role in the ‘Top. (Rolling Stone)


  • Do you think all classic bands have a strategy if a bandmember dies during a tour?
  • Is ZZ Top, which has had the same lineup for over 50 years, anonymous enough to carry on with a primary member being replaced.
  • How many people that attend ZZ Top concerts even know the names of the band???
  • Would you have been surprised if ZZ Top had decided to call it quits upon Dusty Hill‘s death???
  • Does the fact that ZZ Top DID INDEED carry on prove that — at this point — the band’s career comes down to nothing more than dollars and cents???

CHECK IT OUT: Foo Fighters on July 29th in Cincinnati performing ZZ Top’s “Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers” and “La Grange” in honor of Dusty Hill:

CHECK IT OUT: Billy F. Gibbons introducing Elwood Francis on July 20th in Tuscaloosa, Alabama: