Christine McVie has re-recorded her legendary Fleetwood Mac songs for a new album titled, Songbird, after her 1977 classic from the band’s Rumours collection.

Ultimate Classic Rock transcribed some of McVie’s chat on the BBC Radio’s We Write The Songs program, where she announced the new project: “I’ve just finished an album which is a compilation of my biggest hits. But they’ve all been produced again by Glyn Johns (with) Vince Mendoza on strings, who does this fantastic version of ‘Songbird.’ (They) all sound completely different. That’s out in June this year, and it’s just called Songbird.”

The album will mark McVie’s first new release since 2017 self-titled joint album with Lindsey Buckingham.

When pressed as to whether she planning on hitting the road in support of the new album, McVie added: “That I daren’t comment on yet! I’m very cagey about things like that.”


  • Christine McVie‘s songs played a crucial role in Fleetwood Mac‘s blockbusters Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, Tusk, Mirage, and Tango In The Night.
  • Among the standards she wrote for the band were: “Over My Head,” “World Turning (co-written with Lindsey Buckingham),” “Warm Ways,” “Sugar Daddy,” “Say You Love Me,” “Don’t Stop,” “Songbird,” “Oh Daddy,” “You Make Loving Fun,” “Think About Me,” “Over And Over,” “Hold Me,” “Love In Store,” “Little Lies,” and “Everywhere,” among others.
  • In 2021, Christine McVie sold her publishing catalogue to London-based company Hipgnosis, which acquired her 115-song portfolio in exchange for an undisclosed sum. 

CHECK IT OUT: Fleetwood Mac in October 1982 performing “Love In Store” live in Los Angeles: