Eddie Vedder recently tested positive for Covid and he didn’t have an easy go. Vedder told the crowd at his solo show on Friday (February 25th) in Los Angeles that it was “pretty serious” and “literally saw my life flash in front of my eyes,” People.com reports.

A fan captured a video of Vedder saying, “I got the COVID right before we were supposed to start practicing, probably five, six weeks ago, and literally saw my life flash in front of my eyes. I wasn’t quite sure…because I’ve done some very good things for my body, and I’ve also had a lot of fun. And I’ve done some things that could be … some kind of abuse, I mean, nothing really clinical. I won’t get into the details. Just use your imagination!”

He added, “But it was, it felt pretty serious. And to get through that and then be back in a room like this, facing this many people facing this way, and listening to us play music for you is really, truly, it’s been a gift and an honor. Thanks for listening. We’re so grateful.”

It’s safe to assume that Vedder was vaccinated. He has been an active proponent of vaccines, even performing at Global Citizen’s livestreamed Vax Live event in May of last year. At the time he encouraged world leaders to share the vaccine with all countries that need it.