Celebrity doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz is readying to run for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, according to the Washington Free Beacon, which reported yesterday (November 9th) that the 61-year-old has begun hiring staff and reaching out to potential allies for a run for the Republican Senate nomination in the state. The report says Oz was born in Ohio, raised in Delaware, and lives in New Jersey, and his main connection to Pennsylvania appears to be getting his medical and business degrees at the University of Pennsyvlania. However, an Oz spokesman told the Free Beacon, “Since last year, Dr. Oz has lived and voted in Pennsylvania where he attended school and has deep family ties. Dr. Oz has received encouragement to run for the U.S. Senate, but is currently focused on our show and has no announcement at this time.” The report said Oz has a non-permanent voter registration in Pennsylvania connected to an  address that appears to belong to his mother-in-law. An issue that could come up if Oz does run is him having promoted questionable miracle cures on his TV show.