Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters had a blast making their new slasher/comedy flick Studio 666 — that said, they still don’t take themselves too seriously. Grohl spoke to Sky News and explained, “The premise of the movie is really simple and fun. The band is looking for a place to record. We move into this old house, the house turns out to be haunted. I become possessed. I murder the entire band over creative differences and then I go solo. So it’s a lot different than, y’know, someone like Lady Gaga making a real, substantial, legitimate movie.”

He explained that the entire reason to make the film was purely for entertainment — not neccesarily art: “Our intention was just to do something we’d never done and have a good time and then hope that our audience enjoys it as well. I mean, nobody’s ordering tuxes for the Oscars. It’s not on the cards.”

Grohl went on to say, “The premise is based on a lot of really hilarious rock n’ roll cliches and stereotypes, right? The lead singer that wants to go solo and is at a creative war with his own band — and some lead singers do exactly that. That’s something I would never wish to do because I actually like being in the Foo Fighters. . . When we make Foo Fighters records, honestly, we stroll into the studio, we usually have too much material and we spend a couple of weeks, a couple of months, just kind of playing our instruments and laughing hysterically. . . we still enjoy what we do and each other.”

CHECK IT OUT: The trailer to Studio 666: