Some COVID-19 patients are now experiencing problems with their voice. Fox News reports these issues include hoarseness, quality of voice, and a condition called vocal fatigue, which can have an impact on a person’s quality of life. Dr. Catherine Crawley, a speech pathologist, says, “If a patient is feeling fatigued after using their voice, they may tend to not want to communicate as often as usual. They may withdraw from social activities as speaking becomes too taxing and no longer pleasurable. A patient may not be able to perform their regular duties in their workplace as speaking is too difficult.” Health experts say vocal fatigue symptoms may include the feeling of a raspy, strained, or breathy quality in a patient’s voice. Some may also complain of discomfort when speaking and experience a loss of range or pitch and breaks in their voice. The issue was found even in patients that did not require intubation. Crawley says this may occur due to compromised respiratory status, overall fatigue, and other underlying medical issues that occur after being infected with the novel coronavirus. Health experts say anyone experiencing voice issues should seek an examination by an ear, nose, and throat specialist to evaluate their vocal cords.