Hole frontwoman and Kurt Cobain‘s widow, Courtney Love, took time out to slam both Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor online. Ultimate-Guitar.com reported that in since-deleted posts, she vented on the alt rock giants, writing in part about her late-husband’s Nirvana bandmate: “Here’s a few receipts from some mega aggressions I’ve had to deal with, make myself small for, stop righteous lawsuits over, (‘we are not doormats,’ my sponsor always quotes to me) due to male privilege in all its vile toxicity. When Sharon Stone was asked if she had any #metoo’s, she just laughed. We only get 1 right?”

She went on to write: “I’ve had enough of this [poop emoji] from these clowns leaning into my being scapegoated for breathing, for my husband’s death, for my ‘overt’ sexuality, because I’m an addict, etc, and a WOMAN, for over 27 years. Three months before I left LA, I signed a document that effectively gives Dave (Grohl) and Krist (Novoselic) my descendants money in perpetuity. I was so broken. So scarred, so exhausted by him, I just f***ing signed it. But it’s a lie. So I’m unsigning it. Because it’s nonsense. The chaos and fury over Kurt’s death being directed at me, deflected by Dave, while he enriched and continues to enrich himself, gorging on Kurt’s fortune and Kurt’s goodwill. 27! Years!!! I’ve had enough. I’m over being made small. And being ‘forced’ to ‘just drop it’ when it affects every generation of my descendants. Nicest guy in Rock? No.”

Love spared little vitriol for Nine Inch Nail leader Trent Reznor, posting, “As for Reznor, At least? HE’S talented but still a creep. I’ve never seen so much systemic abuse of kids, girls as young as 12, by him and his crew, we all (the members of Hole) witnessed it. So while these two jack asses are not my #metoo’s because I’m saving my 1 up (because we only get 1) they’re darn close.

Courtney Love went on to write: “#f***off Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, I really hope my example of standing up to them, putting a stop to them, will prevent any other women (or men) from this soul shattering level of personal and cultural abuse in future. Sexually, spiritually, financially… #metoo #me3 #me88 etc etc ad nauseam. #blessed? Yeah to be breathing long enough to tell the tale. I’m cramming as much into every song as I can. Nam myoho renge kyo. ‘We are not doormats'”


  • Courtney Love is a mess. Everyone knows it. Everyone knew she was a fluke. Everyone knew that her junkie baby-doll schtick was gonna get old REAL quick. It was old when they put Kurt Cobain in a body bag.
  • She tried to reinvent herself with those dentures and facial and body reconstruction — and in the end nobody was interested. She was never that good. She’s a Halloween outfit at a ’90s party. Cobain being dead was messy — and the fact that she lived and he died — that stink stayed on her.
  • Kurt Cobain can now be at peace and his music can be judged for what it was — but this — this VOMIT of accusations is all that Courtney Love is — and in truth, it’s all she’s ever really been. This distraction. This offense.
  • Congratulations Courtney Love — you finally got back in the news. Now these guys are going to sue you till Tuesday for slander. Hope it was worth it. Say, how’s that new album comin’???

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