Following the lead of four of her Fleetwood Mac bandmates, Christine McVie has sold her publishing catalogue. The keyboardist and songwriter made the deal with London-based company Hipgnosis for her 115-song portfolio in exchange for an undisclosed sum. 

McVie said in a statement: “I am so excited to belong to the Hipgnosis family, and thrilled that you all regard my songs worthy of merit.”

Last January, the company bought Lindsey Buckingham’s 161-song catalogue. That same month BMG acquired Mick Fleetwood’s interests in Fleetwood Mac recordings. November 2019 saw Stevie Nicks sell an 80 percent stake of her publishing rights to Primary Wave for a reported $100 million. 

As of now, with the new Hipgnosis deal with McVie, Hipgnosis owns the rights to 48 of 68 songs on Fleetwood Mac’s most successful albums.

The Guardian posted, “Hipgnosis published financial figures showing that McVie’s share of the royalties made by her song catalogue totaled $1.7 million last year. McVie’s top five revenue-generating songs — ‘Don’t Stop,’ ‘Everywhere,’ ‘You Make Loving Fun,’ ‘Songbird,’ and ‘Little Lies’ — accounted for 81 percent of total revenues.”


  • In 2017, Christine McVie and now-ousted Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham released their debut album as a duo, Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie, which peaked at Number 17 on the Billboard 200 and formed the basis of their first joint tour together.
  • Christine McVie’s songs played a crucial role in the band’s blockbusters Fleetwood MacRumoursTuskMirage, and Tango In The Night. Among the standards she wrote for the band were: “Over My Head,” “World Turning (co-written with Buckingham),” “Warm Ways,” “Sugar Daddy,” “Say You Love Me,” “Don’t Stop,” “Songbird,” “Oh Daddy,” “You Make Loving Fun,” “Think About Me,” “Over And Over,” “Hold Me,” “Love In Store,” “Little Lies,” and “Everywhere,” among others.

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